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Sweet Summer Grass

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Psychedelic Space Beef Band


Arising from the ashes of a high school try-hard act, The Psychedelic Space Beef Band is the musical embodiment of the lifestyle known exclusively to them as "Beefin' It." Thus they are the musical branch and the house band for the Lost Beat 6 collective, a group of Beefers in Ventura, CA.

In today's modern world where people communicate with phones, computers, and internet safe spaces, The Psychedelic Space Beef Band hearken back to a time when a snowflake was something made out of frozen water, a tweet was a derogatory term for a woman's lady parts, and a conversation could be had without one's sphincter clenched like the fist of a butthurt teenager. Whether you think the world is a better place or a steaming heap of shit, The Psychedelic Space Beef Band simply doesn't care. Trivial and topical matters will be cast aside to the power of the beefin' lifestyle.

The Psychedelic Space Beef Band consists primarily of Eric Moulton, Stephen Coler, and Jacob Stevens. Along with a collection of their friends to collaborate with, the Psychedelic Space Beef Band create a specific brand of music only Beefin it cn provide. With a love for jazz, hip-hop, world rhythms, and transitional heavy metal, the Psychedelic Space Beef Band deploy none of these influences. Rather, they seek to fine tune their skills in working class blues-rock marinated in vodka (New Amsterdam...preferably...), as well as the emo rock music of the early 2000s.

The Psychedelic Space Beef Band seeks to become one of the great innovators in modern popular and classical music. Which is why the group is making a bold statement with the release of their debut LP "Meet The Beefers" on June 1st, 2017. 50 years to the day of the release of The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," clearly the greatest LP of all time. With such a brave and bold move, "Meet The Beefers" breaks new ground with music garunteed to not waste your time...